Can Maintenance Issues Contribute to a Truck Collision?

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When you are involved in a collision with a commercial truck, you may be quick to assume that a truck driver’s negligence is to blame. But the truck may have had maintenance issues that were beyond their awareness and control. Read on to discover how maintenance issues can contribute to a truck collision and how a seasoned Houston, Texas truck accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help in recovering your damages.

How can maintenance issues contribute to a truck collision?

Of note, a trucking company must conduct routine inspections of all its vehicles. More specifically, they must inspect the brakes, tires, and trailers. And they cannot send a truck out onto Texas roads if they detect any signs of failed brakes, tire issues, and improperly loaded trailers. This is because maintenance issues like these may, more likely than not, lead to a truck collision.

For example, failed brakes may leave a commercial truck driver unable to reach a complete stop and ultimately rear-end a standard motor vehicle driver. Or, tire issues may lead to a blowout that causes a commercial truck driver to lose control and swerve into a barricade. Lastly, an improperly loaded trailer may cause a commercial truck driver to roll over on its side.

Nonetheless, a trucking company may be held liable if such maintenance issues are noted by a law enforcement officer or an expert witness at the scene of a collision. On the other hand, a truck manufacturer may be held liable for certain maintenance issues. This applies if they manufactured and distributed defective brakes, tires, or trailer doors. And this is especially relevant if they did not send a recall notice for faulty brakes, tires, or trailer doors promptly.

How do I recover my damages after a truck collision?

Once you pinpoint the liable party for your truck collision, you may file a personal injury claim against them. This may just be your only chance at receiving the financial compensation you require to heal from your injuries and damages. And for a successful claim, you must provide enough proof that the liable party’s negligence was the direct cause of your truck collision and the subsequent cause of your injuries and damages.

Importantly, you must collect your evidence and submit your claim within the state of Texas’ statute of limitations. This deadline will be generally two years from the date of your truck collision. Otherwise, you may indefinitely miss out on your opportunity for recovery.

As you may likely conclude yourself, you may have an important case on your hands that requires immediate action. So you should not hesitate in reaching out to a competent Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer at White Personal Injury.

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