How Can I Prove My Defective Product Incident?

recall notice envelope

A company is supposed to promptly send out a recall notice upon discovering that its product consists of some sort of defective part. So when they fail to take action, you may receive injuries and damages when simply using a product for its intended purpose. This is when a product liability claim may need to be initiated. Read on to discover how you can prove that your defective product incident occurred and how a seasoned Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer at White Personal Injury can help with your claim.

How might a product be defective?

Simply put, a product may be defective due to the negligence of a designer, manufacturer, or seller.

As a specific example, say that you purchase a toaster oven. Well, a designer of a toaster oven may have acted negligently when crafting its components. That is, they may have unreasonably ignored a safer way to design the oven that was equally practical and cost-effective.

On the other hand, a manufacturer of a toaster oven may have acted recklessly by ignoring the specific blueprints laid out by its designer.  Or, a seller of a toaster oven may have acted carelessly in forgetting to include written warnings on the product or its packaging. That is, there should be a visible disclaimer that is along the lines of, “Caution: this oven gets hot.”

And with any of the aforementioned forms of negligence, you may have incurred injuries such as severe burns or disfigurement.

How can I prove that my defective product incident occurred?

With the danger that the defective product poses, you may be tempted to immediately discard it. But doing so may be a grave mistake if you are planning to pursue a product liability claim. This is because the product itself is the best form of proof when it comes to your argument over its faultiness.

Instead, we recommend that you store the product in a safe place that is out of reach until the time comes to submit it as evidence for your claim proceedings. In addition, it may be in your best interest to take photos and videos of the defective product, its original packaging, and the injuries and damages it caused.

Alongside the defective product itself, you may prove that your incident occurred by gathering the following pieces of proof:

  • A police report and witness testimony that outlines the events of your incident.
  • A doctor’s note that outlines the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Medical bills that outline the cost of your injuries.
  • Repair bills that outline the cost of your damages.

You must make a valiant effort toward satisfying your burden of proof. Reach out to a competent Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer at White Personal Injury to learn how to get started on collecting evidence.

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