How Do I Prove Future Medical Expenses in a Claim?

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It may be difficult to argue to be financially compensated for expenses you have yet to be billed. Though, in your personal injury lawsuit, it may still be possible to claim the economic damages you anticipate incurring as a direct result of your involvement in the incident in question. In other words, you may ask that the defendant be held financially responsible for your future medical expenses. Follow along to find out how to prove your future medical expenses in your claim and how a proficient Harris County, Texas personal injury attorney at White Personal Injury can serve as your advocate.

What are examples of future medical expenses?

Sadly, it is rather likely that you are still suffering the effects of the bodily injuries you incurred from your personal injury incident. If this is true, then it may also be rather likely that you will continue to carry the physical, mental, and financial burden of medical treatments for months, years, or even decades to come. Without further ado, below are types of future medical expenses you may want to consider for your claim:

  • The cost of your follow-up care appointments.
  • The cost of your long-term prescription medications.
  • The cost of your upcoming, scheduled surgical procedures.
  • The cost of your ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions.
  • The cost of your expected home renovations for handicap-accessible features.

Of note, this is not to mention the cost of your future lost wages or earning capacity, given your having to take necessary time off from work or your field.

How do I prove future medical expenses in my personal injury claim?

During your personal injury claim proceedings, you may prove the projected cost of your future medical expenses by having a financial expert and treating physician testify on your behalf.

In a financial expert’s testimony, they may explain certain factors that prove your claim to be fair and accurate. Specifically, they may go into the average cost of medical care in your area, the average cost of the exact medical care you require, and the expected inflation, among other things.

Then, in your treating physician’s testimony, they may explain the severity of your bodily injuries. Therefore, they may explain the exact types of medical care you need and their estimated costs. Ultimately, they may accurately approximate how long your medical expenses are set to last until you reach a full recovery.

Lastly, you must help your employed financial expert and treating physician so that they can better help you in your case. This means supplying your financial expert with relevant medical documentation. In turn, this means attending regular appointments with your treating physician so that you may obtain this medical documentation and so that they may better access your road to recovery.

There is no better time than the present to act. So please reach out to a talented Harris County, Texas personal injury attorney at White Personal Injury at your earliest possible convenience.

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