Is Property Damage Covered After a Car Collision?

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It is bad enough that you have to suffer through the physical effects of your car collision. But the damages to your standard motor vehicle may be equally bad or even worse. It is not fair that you have to pay the price for this, physically, emotionally, and financially, especially if the collision was due to no fault of your own to begin with. This is when you may need to get an auto insurance company involved. Read on to discover whether property damage is covered after a collision and how a seasoned Houston, Texas car accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you be rightfully compensated.

What kind of property damage results from a car collision?

In the aftermath of your car collision, you may have to take your standard motor vehicle to a body shop for necessary repairs. In a worst-case scenario, your vehicle may have been completely totaled upon impact, forcing you to replace it entirely. Other damages that you may not initially anticipate are as follows:

  • The cost of the lost resale value of your standard motor vehicle after undergoing necessary repairs.
  • The cost of the rental car you had to get while you waited for your vehicle to undergo necessary repairs.
  • The cost of the remaining gas in your tank which went to waste once your vehicle was out of commission.
  • The cost of the towing company you had to call when you couldn’t operate your vehicle and remove it from the crash site yourself.
  • The cost of the lost personal property you used to store in your vehicle (i.e., electronic devices, prescription glasses, child car seats, etc).

How is my property damage covered after my car collision?

You must understand that all Texas motorists are required to carry auto liability insurance coverage. This coverage may provide a minimum of $30,000 worth of financial compensation for bodily injuries per person, along with up to $60,000 worth of financial compensation per collision event. Of this, this coverage may also include a minimum of $25,000 worth of financial compensation for property damage.

With that being said, if another driver was completely at fault for your car collision, their auto insurance company may cover the cost of your property damage. And if the coverage they carry is insufficient, they may be expected to pay the rest out of pocket.

Even so, it may be in your best interest to opt for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This may ensure your protection in the unfortunate event another driver illegally has no insurance or insufficient insurance, or if they flee the crash site without providing you their auto liability insurance information.

When dealing with a negligent driver’s auto insurance company, what you need is likely strong legal representation from a competent Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer. Someone at White Personal Injury is looking forward to your phone call.

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