What Are the Treatments for a Concussion?

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With your involvement in a personal injury incident, it is rather likely that you hit your head and subsequently incurred a concussion. For example, if yours was a car collision, then you may have violently slammed your head against the steering wheel or airbag. Or, if yours was a slip and fall, then you may have aggressively banged your head against the ground. Regardless of these specificities, you must properly treat this head injury so that its severity does not rapidly heighten. Follow along to find out the recognized treatments for a concussion and how a proficient Houston, Texas car accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you financially recover from your personal injury event.

What are the recognized treatments for a concussion?

You must diligently abide by the doctor’s orders when it comes to treating your concussion. That said, your doctor may likely instruct you to the following treatment plan:

  • You must take prescription pain medications for your headache or nausea symptoms, in the schedule set forth by your doctor.
  • You must avoid participating in certain physical activities in the first few days, such as working out at the gym or playing a sports game.
  • You must get plenty of sleep, which may include a full eight hours at nighttime and frequent naps/rest breaks throughout the day as needed.
  • You must avoid anything that may worsen your symptoms, such as dwelling in an environment with bright lights/loud noises or staring at a TV screen/playing video games for a prolonged duration.

What can I do to financially recover from my concussion?

You may be suffering financial consequences in your effort toward following your doctor’s treatment plan. For example, your health insurance may not cover the full cost of prescription pain medications, let alone the follow-up appointments you are encouraged to schedule.

In addition, your recommended rest time may be interfering with your ability to return to work. What’s more, your job may require physical labor that you are discouraged from participating in. Or, it may require staring at a computer screen and strong mental concentration, which may be difficult to execute with your lingering symptoms.

Your medical bills and lost wages are just a couple of the economic damages that may come about due to the concussion you incurred in your personal injury incident. You do not deserve to pay this price, especially if your incident was due to zero fault of your own. This is all to say that you may fight to financially recover from your concussion by filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party.

Without a doubt, your next step should be to employ a talented Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer. So please reach out to us at White Personal Injury immediately.

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