What Damages Can I Recover After My Personal Injury Incident?

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There is no question that victims of personal injury incidents are left with the devastating aftermath of serious injuries and damages. This is why it is always encouraged to fight back against the responsible party and seek recovery via a personal injury claim. Continue reading to learn what damages you can recover after your incident and how an experienced Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you in executing this.

What injuries might I incur after my incident?

First of all, a personal injury incident may be considered everything from a motor vehicle collision or workplace incident to a nursing home incident or medical malpractice case. Regardless, there are common injuries that typically arise as a direct result of these incidents. They are as follows:

  • Brain injuries (i.e., concussions or traumatic brain injuries).
  • Neck injuries (i.e., whiplash or pinched nerves).
  • Back injuries (i.e., herniated discs or nerve damage).
  • Organ damage (i.e., internal bleeding or ruptured lung).
  • Amputations to limbs or other extremities.
  • Serious burns.

What damages can I recover after my injury incident?

Your injuries may come with damages that take a physical, emotional, and/or financial toll on you. Rest assured, to make up for these damages, you may receive a financial award via a personal injury claim. The possible damages that you may recuperate may include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Your current and future lost wages.
  • Your current and future lost earning capabilities.
  • Your current and future medical bills.
  • The repair costs for your damaged property.
  • Your diminished personal relationships.

To improve your chances of recovering these damages, you must fulfill your burden of proof. Meaning, you must provide a significant amount of evidence that points to these damages and overall to the fact that a certain party is responsible for them. Examples of evidence include photos of your injuries, your medical records and bills, and witness testimonies, among other things.

How long do I have to recover these damages?

You must be very meticulous when it comes to collecting the proper documentation for your personal injury claim. Though, you must be aware that you are working under a relatively tight deadline. That is, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in the state of Texas is usually two years from the date of the incident. You will be permanently barred from an opportunity to sue if you miss this deadline, which means that you will lose out on your chance to recover your damages.

And so, if you are ready and willing to kickstart your claim, then you must employ a skilled Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer today. We look forward to working alongside you.

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