What Evidence Do I Need from a Hit-and-Run?

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Read on to discover what evidence you need to collect from your hit-and-run and how a seasoned Houston, Texas car accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you recover from your damages.

What evidence do I need to collect from my hit-and-run incident?

After being hit by another driver that ultimately speeds away, you may be left in a state of shock and take a while to get your bearings. Nonetheless, you must try to compose yourself as soon as possible. This is because you may want to collect the following pieces of evidence while the fleeing driver is still in your field of vision:

  • Identifying characteristics of the fleeing vehicle:
    • The make, model, and color of the vehicle.
    • The license plate number of the vehicle.
    • The approximate age of the vehicle (i.e., an old or new model).
    • The condition of the vehicle (i.e., the locations of dents/scratches from your collision).
    • The general direction in which the vehicle was headed.
  • Identifying characteristics of the fleeing driver:
    • The skin color of the driver.
    • The hair color/texture of the driver.
    • The apparent sex of the driver.
    • The approximate age of the driver (i.e., young adult or senior citizen).
    • The clothing worn by the driver (i.e., the color/types of articles).
    • The number of passengers the driver had in the vehicle with them.
    • The chances that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Understandably so, it may be difficult to quickly jot down the above information or otherwise capture quality snapshots on your phone. For this reason, it is almost always recommended to install a dam cam in your vehicle as a precautionary measure for incidents such as these.

Is it possible to recover damages after my hit-and-run incident?

Once you make a mental note of the above information, you must immediately dial 911 and relay the details to the dispatcher on the line. The dispatcher will subsequently pass these details to the law enforcement officers they send to track down the fleeing driver on your behalf.

In addition, the dispatcher will send law enforcement officers to the scene of your incident. Here, officers may take down your statement and that of witnesses, along with reviewing surveillance camera footage and red light cameras, to get down to the bottom of who left you as the victim.

Ultimately, the goal of these investigations is to have law enforcement successfully identify the at-fault driver of your hit-and-run incident. If this is done, then you may proceed forward with filing a claim or lawsuit with their auto insurance provider or the Texas court, respectively. This is not to mention that a criminal prosecutor may be prompted to try them for criminal charges.

Even if you are just considering your legal options, it is best to first consult with a competent Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer. So please contact us at White Personal Injury today.

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