What Happens if I Am Injured While Visiting a Business?

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In the state of Texas, property owners hold the duty of ensuring that their premises are clear of any potential hazards. So when they fail to follow through on this duty, a visitor is likely to suffer an injury. Continue reading to learn what happens if you are injured while visiting a business and how an experienced Houston, Texas work injury lawyer at White Personal Injury can walk you through this.

What happens if I am injured at a business?

First of all, you can suffer an injury at just about any business with a negligent owner, whether it be an office building, a supermarket, a restaurant, a retail store, a hotel, or otherwise.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation via a personal injury claim. For your claim, you will need to satisfy your burden of proof and collect enough evidence that proves the following as true:

  1. There was a potentially hazardous condition present at a property owner’s business.
  2. The property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the potentially hazardous condition.
  3. The property owner did not work in a timely manner to clear or fix the potentially hazardous condition.
  4. You were a visitor of this business and incurred serious injuries and damages due to this hazardous condition.

And in order to prove the above as true, you will need the following pieces of evidence:

  • A copy of the official report conducted by a law enforcement officer at the scene.
  • Written or oral statements by present witnesses.
  • Photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and the scene of your incident.
  • Copies of your medical documents that state the date, time, and seriousness of your injuries.
  • Copies of your medical bills that state the cost of your required treatments.

What types of damages can I recover after my injury?

If you successfully fulfill your burden of proof, you may just be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages through your claim. Examples of both include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Economic damages:
    • The cost of the medical bills you incurred due to your injuries.
    • The cost of domestic services due to your inability to perform them after your injuries.
    • The cost of your lost wages due to your inability to return to work or work in the same field after your injuries.
  • Non-economic damages:
    • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering after your injuries.
    • Your emotional distress after your injuries.
    • Your loss of consortium after your injuries.
    • Your loss of enjoyment of life after your injuries.

For more information on how to go about your personal injury claim, consult with a skilled Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer today.

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