What Personal Injury Incidents Might Occur in the Spring?

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You may assume that nothing can go wrong when afforded the nice weather that comes with Texas springtime. However, you may be sorely mistaken. That is, personal injury incidents may occur in the springtime at generally the same rate as any other time of year. Follow along to find out the types of mishaps that may arise more frequently in the spring and how a proficient Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer at White Personal Injury can help establish fault in your subsequent legal claim.

What types of personal injury incidents might occur in the spring?

Texas may spend more time outdoors as the season changes to spring. Unfortunately, with more commotion may come more vulnerability to personal injury incidents. More specific examples read as follows:

  • Auto collisions during the springtime:
    • Automobile drivers may collide after experiencing temporary blindness from sun glares prevalent at peak travel times.
    • Automobile drivers may collide with motorcyclists or bicyclists who are in their blind spots or who are recklessly weaving in between lanes.
  • Boating collisions during the springtime:
    • Boat drivers may collide with kayaks or divers who are in their blind spots.
    • Boat drivers may collide with docks if speeding or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Swimming incidents during the springtime:
    • Swimmers may get injured after disregarding a “no diving” sign on the shallow end of a pool.
    • Swimmers may get injured in a backyard, neighborhood, or hotel pool poorly maintained by its owners.
  • Work injuries during the springtime:
    • Contracted landscapers may get injured from using dull or faulty tools distributed by their employer.
    • Passersby of construction sites may get injured from a falling object or tool outside its barricaded area.

How do I establish fault for my springtime personal injury?

You may be adamant that your springtime personal injury incident was due to no fault of your own. It is one thing to know this, but it is another thing to prove it in your upcoming personal injury claim. This is important because Texas is a modified comparative negligence state. This means that if you are found to be more than 50 percent to blame for your incident, the Texas court may bar you from recovering any of your damages.

So, to establish the majority or the entirety of fault being the defendant’s, you must collect and present an abundance of evidence. This evidence may consist of photos and videos of your bodily injuries, your property damages, and the dangerous condition that the defendant allowed for. It may also entail a police report, a medical report, and oral and written testimonies from eyewitnesses at the scene.

In a way, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to let a talented Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer help you. So please, as soon as you can, get in touch with us at White Personal Injury today.

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