What should I know if I am injured in a bus collision?


Any time you are involved in a collision of any kind, it can be a very dangerous situation for everyone involved. Bus collisions in particular are certainly no exception to this, often resulting in severe injuries and sometimes even death. The physical and emotional pain from such a tragedy can take a hefty toll on you, resulting in a lasting impact far after the incident occurred. If you were the victim of a bus collision, contact a Houston, Texas bus accident lawyer at White Personal Injury to receive a consultation.

Who is liable for my injuries in a bus collision?

When it comes to the matter of liability for any injuries and damages inflicted upon you during a bus collision, that can include a wide range of parties potentially at fault. For example, either a separate driver sharing the road or the bus driver could be to blame for your injuries if they demonstrated any negligible behavior that led to the incident. If the bus driver is at fault, the private bus company that hired them could also be held liable for negligible hiring practices, training, supervision, or maintenance.

However, if it was a public bus, then local, state, or federal government entities could also be held accountable for your injuries depending on the jurisdiction they fall under. This can apply to school districts as well if a school bus was involved in the collision. Because public transportation and school districts would both fall under the category of government entities, filing a claim against them could be more complicated compared to private citizens or companies due to special procedures and restrictions.

How much will I receive in compensation?

Determining how much you are owed after a bus collision depends on how much the incident has impacted your life. This could include a variety of things like medical bills, lost wages, permanent damage to your quality of life, mental distress, etc. Regardless of the extent of your damages, you should receive full and fair compensation.

Receiving proper compensation after any vehicle collision can prove to be a long and strenuous process. Bus crashes can be worse in this regard because of various federal and state statutes and regulations that could be applicable depending on what classification they fall under. For example, in Texas, the path to legal recourse depends on whether you were hurt by a private bus or a city-owned bus. If you were injured in a commercial bus collision, you can be entitled to full compensation for all injuries and damages. But if you were the victim in a city bus collision, there could be limitations on the amount of compensation you are owed and the amount of time in which you will be allowed to sue for damages.

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