What Types of Incidents Can Occur in a Parking Garage?

parking garage interior

You may frequently park your car in parking garages and parking lots throughout the state of Texas. While this may seem like an ordinary concept, you may not know the full extent of the risks that they may pose. Follow along to find out the types of incidents that may occur in a parking garage and how a proficient Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer at White Personal Injury can work on your case.

How might a parking garage be more dangerous than a parking lot?

You may assume parking garages are safer than parking lots since drivers tend to navigate them at slower speeds. However, quite the opposite may be true. Below are examples of why parking garages may pose more dangers:

  • Garages may radiate dim lighting, regardless of whether it is daytime or nighttime, making them all the more difficult to navigate.
  • Garages may have more tight corners than lots, making blind spots all the more likely to exist and collisions to occur.
  • Garages may be more cramped and congested than lots, making poorly placed driveways, walkways, and entrances that lead to collisions.
  • Garages may be less public and exposed than lots, making them all the more susceptible to theft or violent crimes.

What kinds of incidents can occur in a parking garage?

Unfortunately, the multitude of dangers posed within a parking garage may prompt varying kinds of personal injury incidents to be likely. For example, you may encounter a reckless driver while utilizing a parking garage. This driver may have sped through the driveway; blown through a stop sign or yield sign; abruptly reversed out of a spot without looking at their rearview mirror or backup camera; or otherwise. As a result, they may have collided with your car and imposed serious injuries and damages on you. If this is your case, then you may place an auto accident claim against the negligent driver.

On the other hand, you may consider the carelessness of a parking garage owner. That is, the owner owes you a duty of care in upkeeping the facility and clearing it of all potential hazards. So when they fail to do so, then they breach their duty of care. Examples of a breach may be if there are large potholes and cracks on the driveways and walkways; a lack of ADA-accessible routes; an inadequate amount of security systems; and more. If this is your case, then you may place a slip and fall accident claim against the negligent property owner.

You must take your personal injury claim seriously. As soon as you can, pick up the phone and call a talented Harris County, Texas personal injury lawyer. Someone at White Personal Injury will be happy to answer.

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