Who Is the At-Fault Driver in My T-Bone Collision?

T-bone collision

Only you and one other driver were likely involved in your T-bone collision. With this, you may think that it is easy to assign fault. Although, you must consider the many external factors that may have contributed to your collision. It is only then that you may proceed forward with filing a lawsuit. Continue reading to learn the potentially at-fault party in your T-bone collision and how an experienced Houston, Texas car accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you explore your legal options.

Who is potentially the at-fault party in my T-bone collision?

It is a common misconception that the driver who had the front of their car crash into the side of the other driver’s car is always the at-fault party in a T-bone collision. However, this blame may be justified if the other driver ran a red light or stop sign as you rightfully proceeded through an intersection; or if the other driver failed to yield as you slowly reversed out of a parking spot.

But even if the side of your car was struck and not the other way around, you may still be partially liable for the event. This may be the case if you misjudged the distance and speed of the other driver and you cut a left turn in front of them. Also applicable is if you failed to check your blind spots and ride the brake as you backed out of a parking spot.

You must also understand the possibility that neither you nor the other driver are responsible for a T-bone collision. This may apply if a stop sign had fallen over or a traffic light had malfunctioned at the intersection in which your collision took place. In this case, you may be able to hold the municipality accountable for your incurred bodily injuries and car damages.

What is the statute of limitations for my potential personal injury claim?

Once you properly identify the at-fault part of your T-bone collision, you must move forward with filing a personal injury claim. Again, this may just be the only way that you may receive financial compensation to recover from your bodily injuries and car damages.

But this is only achievable if you submit your claim on time; that is, within the state of Texas’ statute of limitations. This deadline is generally set at two years from the date on which your collision occurred. Missing this mark means an indefinite bar from legal action in any capacity.

We believe that legal representation from a skilled Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer is best for you and your upcoming claim proceedings. So please get in touch with White Personal Injury as soon as you can.

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