Who Is to Blame for a Pedestrian Incident?

pedestrian traffic light

A collision involving a motor vehicle driver and a pedestrian may happen in an instant. And if you are ever involved in one, you may believe that the other party appeared out of thin air. That is, you may not understand who or what exactly caused this collision. But it is important that you eventually reflect and properly identify the at-fault party. Follow along to find out who is possibly to blame for your incident and how a proficient Houston, Texas pedestrian accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can help you properly identify them.

Who is possibly to blame for a pedestrian incident?

The common saying goes that a pedestrian always has the “right of way.” However, a pedestrian still holds some duty of care in crossing the road carefully and safely. Otherwise, they may be possibly to blame for their pedestrian incident. Without further ado, below are instances in which a motor vehicle driver (i.e., automobile driver, truck driver, motorcyclist, etc). or a pedestrian may be assigned fault:

  • A motor vehicle driver may be to blame for a pedestrian incident if:
    • They were driving well above the established speed limit and thereby unable to yield to a pedestrian in time.
    • They were negligent in running a red light and thereby unable to come to a complete stop at a pedestrian’s right of way.
    • They were negligent in checking their blind spots before making a sharp turn and thereby unable to see a pedestrian in time.
  • A pedestrian may be to blame for a pedestrian incident if:
    • They were standing in between two parked cars before entering the road and jaywalking.
    • They were standing outside of the designated waiting area before being directed to cross the road.
    • They were crossing the road even when the pedestrian traffic signal did not indicate that it was their right of way.

Is it possible for a third party to be at fault for a pedestrian incident?

To reiterate, the common at-fault parties for a pedestrian incident may be a motor vehicle driver, a pedestrian, or both. However, there may also be an external, third party whose negligent actions played a role in the event.

For example, the state, county, or municipality in which your pedestrian incident took place may be held accountable. This is true if the intersection where your incident took place had a faulty or malfunctioning traffic light. Or, a construction company may be held liable. This is true if the construction zone blocked off the pedestrian standing area and did not provide a safe alternative in the meantime.

This is all to say that you must properly identify the at-fault party or parties before bringing your personal injury claim forward. So whenever you are ready, a talented Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer is here to provide legal assistance. Please schedule your initial consultation with us at White Personal Injury today.

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