Who pays my medical bills after an auto collision?

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The last thing anyone wants on their commute is to be involved in an auto collision. The best-case scenario is that it ends up being a minor incident and only momentarily inconveniences you. However, the worst-case scenario is that it results in severe injuries with potentially life-altering consequences. This could mean both immediate and ongoing medical bills that you may have to deal with for quite some time. It is impossible not to be distressed under those circumstances, especially if your medical expenses are beyond your financial means. Although, depending on the situation, the burden of covering your medical bills may not be your responsibility. If you were recently the victim of an auto crash, reach out to a Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer at White Personal Injury to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Does the liable driver pay my medical bills after an auto collision?

When it comes to liability for medical bills after an auto collision, different states can have different laws dictating how this process will be handled. For example, in no-fault states, drivers are required to have personal injury protection insurance (PIP) to cover the cost of their own medical bills, despite whoever was at fault for the incident. However, in fault states like Texas, all drivers must reach the minimum threshold for liability insurance. Based on insurance laws in Texas, this means the liable driver may have to cover up to $60,000 in medical expenses. The at-fault motorist could potentially pay even more based on both the total cost of medical bills and their particular insurance plan.

If it is the case that another driver was liable for the crash that caused your injuries, you must file a personal injury claim with their auto insurance provider to get reimbursement. This process can be strenuous and time-consuming, sometimes resulting in the claim being taken to court to reach a final settlement. Despite how daunting it may seem, it is a necessary process to make sure that you are properly compensated for the medical expenses you have accumulated due to the collision. You should never file a personal injury claim without a seasoned attorney in your corner.

Will insurance cover my medical bills after an auto collision?

After a car crash, you may sustain injuries that will require immediate payment for treatment and ongoing care. Because personal injury claims can take time before a final settlement is agreed upon, there may be upfront costs for your medical bills that you will have to handle for the time being. Your health insurance provider will usually cover the immediate costs of your medical bills, although this may require you to pay a deductible depending on the situation. If the liable driver does not have auto insurance, you may be able to receive coverage for your medical expenses from your own auto insurance provider as well.

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