Why Do Rollover Collisions Commonly Occur in Texas?

overturned truck accident

Collisions involving a truck can be devastating due to the sheer size and weight of this commercial vehicle alone. What’s worse is it this collision was a rollover collision, in which the commercial truck flipped over on its side or roof after the crash. Read on to discover why rollover collisions commonly occur and how a seasoned Houston, Texas truck accident lawyer at White Personal Injury can work on your behalf.

Why do rollover collisions commonly occur in the state of Texas?

Rollover collisions commonly occur with commercial trucks because they are taller than the other standard passenger vehicles on Texas roads. Meaning, their center of gravity is higher, and they are more prone to tipping or flipping over in the event of a collision. Other types of larger vehicles that are commonly involved in rollover collisions are as follows:

  • SUVs.
  • Vans.
  • Buses.

Who is commonly responsible for rollover collisions in the state of Texas?

Usually, truck driver negligence is the reason why a rollover collision occurs in the state of Texas. That is, if truck drivers do not proceed with caution when it comes to making sharp turns or hitting the brakes, especially while carrying heavy cargo, then they put themselves at risk of tipping or flipping over.

However, there are other times when a truck driver is not responsible for a rollover collision. Other at-fault parties may be as follows:

  • A truck company employee: that is, employees must load a truck in a certain way. Otherwise, the truck may become unbalanced and more inclined to tip or flip over.
  • A truck company employer: that is, employers must check that their drivers are not on the road for more than the legal limit of 70 hours in a consecutive seven-day period. Otherwise, the truck driver may become drowsy and fatigued and be more inclined to get into a collision.
  • A truck mechanic: that is, a mechanic must properly inspect and maintain a truck. Otherwise, a mechanical issue can make a truck driver more inclined to get into a collision.
  • A truck manufacturer: that is, manufacturers must produce truck parts and equipment that are safe. Otherwise, faulty and defective parts can make a truck driver more inclined to get into a collision.

Regardless of who is at fault, if you have been a victim of a rollover collision, you must do everything in your power to achieve justice and recover your damages. This can be made possible via a personal injury claim. So, if you require legal representation throughout your claim proceedings, you should not hesitate in reaching out to a competent Houston, Texas auto accident lawyer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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